Horse Mackeral / Thenga Paarai Medium

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Origin Of the Product : Saltwater bodies in South of India
Introduction : Horse Mackerel has a bold and powerful flavor to it. While some people think it can be too greasy, in reality it imparts various different flavors including a mild degree of sweetness. It can truly prove to be a great starter that can be enjoyed with Mediterranean toppings.
Why is it good for you : Provides crucial nutrients to maintain health of the body.
Conclusion : Frenora supplies fresh and good quality Horse Mackeral to customers at competitive prices with assurance of swift delivery.

Weight & CleanGross Weight: Fish is weighed as a whole, before cleaning and cuttingClean & WeightNet Weight : Fish is cleaned, cut and then weighed to give weight of edible portion
Curry CutCurry CutNot CleanedNot CleanedSliceSliceTawa FryTawa FryWhole CleanedWhole Cleaned
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The Frenora Way

The seafood is purchased directly from the source

Transported to Frenoras’ right from its harvestation

Intense quality checks are performed before delivery

Goods are transported cleanly cut with utmost safety

Deliver fresh, Ocean to plate seafood to users


Indian Dish Pairing Description

Thenga Paara Fry – Thenga paara Fry a really nice fish that can be used in grilling or tawa fry.

Continental Dish Pairing Description

Paara Fish Finger – Paara Fish Finger is delicious when served with lemon wedges.


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