Why Frenora

Frenora was founded for all the seafood lovers out there to eliminate all the pit stops involved between you and your favourite seafood. Our passion for seafood led us to different places across South India to handpick the freshest products for you and deliver them right at your doorstep.

Our aim is to provide superior quality products to our customers at all times. We offer a wide variety of fishes, prawns, crabs and exotic seafoods, while meeting all the required hygienic standards, having minimal contact and ensuring the seafood remains as good as freshly harvested.

When a customer orders our products, our ultimate objective is to provide them a wholesome seafood experience. Our team works together diligently to ensure that you enjoy our products and comeback again for your seafood needs.


Fish is a delicious source of protein and a staple in many households in our country and is also enjoyed by people all over the world in different forms. While fishes in different parts of the world taste different, the source of the fish and the freshness of the fish after its cultivation has a major impact on its taste.

At Frenora, we believe in giving utmost importance to the quality and freshness of the fishes. The plethora of seafood options we offer are transported directly from its origination and with paramount safety. The choicest fishes are picked out by our experts and only the best ones are sent to you, right from its’ source to your doorstep. We also go that extra mile to maintain the freshness of the fish by thorough conditioning in clean water and using modern technology to create a conducive- temperature-controlled environment that can help fishes preserve their taste, tenderness, quality, and deliciousness while it is being transported to you.

The Frenora Way

The seafood is purchased directly from the source

Transported to Frenoras’ right from its harvestation

Intense quality checks are performed before delivery

Goods are transported cleanly cut with utmost safety

Deliver fresh, Ocean to plate seafood to users